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Good day inkfans!!!

So, just updated the website with some of my more recent work. hope you like it..if you do let me know! drop me an email!

I will be working at the Great British Tattoo Show on the 27th & 28th May 2017 at Alexandra Palace in London.

It promises to be a really good show with lots of great tattoo artists present. its a real honour to be chosen to appear and work amongst the best artists around at the moment so im super stoked to be involved and im sure we will have a wicked time!

It looks like the weather has finally taken a turn for the better, the nights are lighter and this is the time for you serious tattoo fans to start getting your work done ready for it to all be healed up for the summer, sleeves, back pieces etc take time to do over a number of sessions and also for the tattoos to settle in and look their best for the shorts and bikinis to come out!!!!

So come down , get in touch, give me a shout with what you want to do and we can get your design rolling and get you in the chair!

catch you soon, keep em peeled for more blogs

Peace out inkfans

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